Sell Euro

ECB officials are being pressured by the Southern European States to lower interest Rates.  Unemployment levels in Europe are extremely high.  The ECB will have

New Zealand dollar

Overnight New Zealand Central bank lifted interest rates and said more hikes are coming.  They are one of the very few Central Banks raising rates.

Silver Time

Silver looks like it’s surfing a support line.  In my opinion, silver is buy now.  you know where you are wrong,  a close below 1900


In my opinion, corn looks like it might move higher.  Soybeans sold off today and corn and wheat stood alone .   We have colder

Sell Euro

It has been announced that the ECB is looking to reverse deflation; officials have mentioned several different methods that can be used to ease monetary

Stock Market Opportunity

“Tomorrow we have the BLS  Non Farm Payrolls.  in the last 5 reports 4 /5 times we have moved higher regardless  of the report.  

30 Year Bond

30 year bonds look like they want to move lower.   Interest rates are moving higher.  That will lead to lower Bond Prices.  Assuming no